Arabic Inventions
# Year Title Inventor's Name Country
25 2000  The Valid System Of Loading Traction And Biaxial Fatigue  Samir HAMZA  Tunisia
27 2000  Electronic Circuit For Protecting Telephone Central And Electric Machines  Nabil DOZOUMI  Syria 
28 2000  Hot Air Generator For Heating, Using The Ecological Residues  Eng. Mustafa DUBIES  Syria 
76 2000  Nosytec New Tele-Counter System With Counter, Cartridge, Console  Prof. Mohamed Hedi KEMALI  Tunisia 
83 2000  Automatic Recuperator - Dispenser Of Lubricant Oils For Explosion Engines  Larbi BELKBIR  Morocco
104 2000  Multifunctional Economic Oven  Lahcen ABALIL  Morocco 
105 2000  Educative Game  Taoufik ABALIL, Ms Hanane ABALIL Morocco 
108 2000  Some Surfactants In The Series Of Alkanol Bromides As Inhibitors Of The Corrosion Of Iron  Moussa SALEM  Morocco 
124 2000  Bed With Multiple Functions For Hospitals And Home  Mr. Ismat AL HAMMOURY  Jordan
125 2000  Front-Car Bumper Airbag  Mr. Ismat AL HAMMOURY  Jordan 
158 2001  Kidney Stone Crushing Device  Mr Khalid Abdallah YASSIEN  Egypt 
161 2001  Drug For Treatment Of Dermatology Diseases (Leishmanol)  Mohammed Al Ameer Babiker SANHORY  Sudan
168 2001  Herbal Mix Against Bilharziazis (H.B. 19)  Hamid Ahmed EL-HADI  Sudan 
169 2001  Herbal Mix For Diabetes Wounds (H.B. 30)  Hamid Ahmed EL-HADI  Sudan 
171 2001  Production Of Artificial Silk From Alternative Sources   Dr. (Ms.) Aisha Omran EL BREKI   Libya
197 2001  Device Used For Separating Air From Water  Hamdi Ahmad M. SHANAK  Jordan 
203 2001  Anti-Warts And Anti-Aids Pills (Samonith)  Sadok GRAYAE  Tunisia 
204 2001  Submersible Switch With High Protection Anti-Deflagrator Said SMAALLAH Algeria 
205 2001  Water And Air Toilet Flusher   Majid NASRI   Tunisia 
206 2001  Palmtree-Made Panels  Mohamed CHAYEB  Tunisia
207 2001  Automatic Closing System Of A Garbage Can  Adel SBOUI  Tunisia 
211 2001  Regenerating Massage Oil (Baal)  Mrs Roumeika BEN AMARA  Tunisia 
212 2001  Relaxing Massage Oil (Baal)  Mrs Roumeika BEN AMARA  Tunisia 
213 2001  Stimulating Massage Oil (Baal)  Mrs Roumeika BEN AMARA  Tunisia 
214 2001  Website For Better Contacts Between Technology Students And Enterprises  Emir HAMMAMI  Tunisia 
215 2001  A Systematical Distribution Technic Of Industrial Products  Majid ELBOUAZZAOUI  Morocco 
216 2001  Salty Water Purifying Transportable Equipment  Mohammed Abdul Karim AL GABRY  Yemen
217 2001  Mobile Equipment That Generates Electricity And Produces Organic Fertilizer From Leftover   Mohammed Abdul Karim AL GABRY   Yemen
221 2001  Tooth Anti-Decay Preventive Tool  Yassine SOUIHI  Tunisia 
226 2001  Bank Cheque System With Cheques Having Magnetized Strips And/Or Storage Chips  Moosa Eisa AL AMRI  United Arab Emirates 
228 2001  Method Of Charging Human Body With Biotic Energy (Woms-R-Iv)  Eng. (Ms.) Wafa ALAWAR  Syria 
229 2001  Process Against H2S Released From Sanitary Drainage Residues (Woms-R-Iii)  Eng. (Ms.) Wafa ALAWAR  Syria 
230 2001  Device For Purification And Restructuration Of Fluids And For Decalcification (Woms-R-Ii)  Eng. (Ms.) Wafa ALAWAR  Syria 
231 2001  Saving Liquid Fuel Device (Woms-R-I)  Eng. (Ms.) Wafa ALAWAR  Syria 
238 2001  Device To Remove Cars Stuck In The Sand  Hassan M. AL-DOSSARY  Saudi Arabia 
239 2001  Water Saver Tap  Hassan M. AL-DOSSARY  Saudi Arabia 
253 2001  Device To Protect The Head Of Motorcycle Drivers  Mr. Manssouri MHADHEB  Tunisia 
262 2001  Electronic Device Re Changing Football Players  Rached MASMOUDI  Tunisia 
399 2002  Electro-Mechanical Car Jack  Mr. Lahcen ESSALAMA  Morocco 
413 2003  Partial Stroke Testing System (Oil & Petrochemical Industries)  Tareq Nasser AL-BUAIJAN  Kuwait 
416 2003  Buoyancy Driven Energy Producing Device  Mohammed ALKHAMIS  Saudi Arabia 
426 2003  Earth Condenser (Condestar)   Fathi SEGAIER   Tunisia 
436 2003  Device Reducing Weight Of Objects When Transporting Them   (Ms) Dana ALZAMIL   Saudi Arabia 
442 2003  Emitter/Receiver To Increase Transmission Channel Capacity  Majid ELBOUAZZAOUI  Morocco 
463 2003  Instrument For Water Cooler   Ahmed Tag Elsir AL SALAHABI   Sudan 
465 2003  Brush To Clean Bottles And Kitchen Utensils With Narrow Necks  Moed Ben Saleh AL-KAHTANY  Saudi Arabia 
468 2003  Smart Boarding Pass   AL AMRI Moosa Eisa   United Arab Emirates 
496 2003  Educational Game For Blind Children Or Having Visual Deficiencies  Ms Amal ABOU-IZZEDINE  Lebanon 
502 2003  Bloom Dead Sea Life (Natural Beauty Products)   Engineer Ms Elham Moussa ZEADAT   Jordan 
523 2003  Traffic Speed Surveillance And Control System  Khaled AL-AHMED  Kuwait 
524 2003  Incandescent Multi-Filament Light Bulb  Hashem AL-REFAI  Kuwait 
583 2004  Wind Reactor   Yousef MANSOUR   Egypt 
645 2004  Rotary Piston Engine  Mones JAAFAR  Syria 
646 2004  Fungicide Formulations Containing Copper And Method For Preparation (Delcup)  Amr Ahmed NAGUIB  Egypt 
654 2004  Vaccine For Toxoplasmasis  Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed NABIH  Egypt 
656 2004  Eight-Nozzles Hydraulic Servovalves Of Low Sensitivity To Flow Forces  Dr. Mohamed A. ELGAMIL  Egypt 
662 2004  Positive Displacement Pump With Multi-Lobe Cam And Several Followers  Dr. Mohamed A. ELGAMIL  Egypt 
699 2004  Method And Apparatus For Collecting Substance  Amier AL-ALI  Kuwait 
700 2004  Soaking Shoes  Abdullah K. AL-RASHEED  Saudi Arabia 
703 2004  Energy Generating System Using Differential Elevation  Mohamed ALKHAMIS  Saudi Arabia 
704 2004  Pillow Thermometer  Abdullah K. AL-RASHEED  Saudi Arabia 
731 2004  Knee Joint Analyzer  Mohammed AL-TURAIKI  Saudi Arabia 
735 2004  Super Absorbent Polymer (Sap) For Agriculture  Ibrahim AL-ALIM  Saudi Arabia 
819 2004  Most Efficient Fireplaces   Tarek AHMADIEH   Lebanon 
891 2004  Funnels For Filling Liquids Into Container  Rober Eng. CHAMI  Syria 
930 2004  Needle & Angled Needle Holder  Alaa Mustafa SEWAFY  Egypt 
946 2004  Alarm Device For Dampness In Diapers  Sheikh Sabah N. AL-SABAH  Kuwait 
947 2004  Hydraulic Equiped Wheel For Bicycles & Wheel Chairs  Sheikh Sabah N. AL-SABAH  Kuwait 
959 2004  Multi-Purpose Rotary Power Device  Osamah M. AL-HAWAJ  Kuwait 
987 2004  Stop Unwanted Hair '3S Smart Cream'  Sultan DAHAM  Saudi Arabia 
988 2004  Safety Speed Device For Motor Cars  Jasem AL-JASEM  Kuwait 
991 2004  Wound & Ulcer Healing Preparations  Jassim M. AL-HASSAN  Kuwait 
992 2004  Treatment Of Muscle Spasm, Edema And Neurlogical Conditions   Jassim M. AL-HASSAN   Kuwait 
993 2004  Stent In Prevention Of Choanal Atresia Restenosis  Ali AL-QAHTANI  Saudi Arabia 
994 2004  Emergency Swimming Belt For Children & Swimmers   Rober CHAMI   Syria 
1017 2005  Bomb Of Locust School  Abu alhamd taha abdelicader ABDELHAMEED  Egypt 
1020 2005  Voice & Video Via Mobile Telephone Gsm  Majid ELBOUAZZAOUI  Morocco 
1053 2005  Sewafy: Male Circumcision Machine   Alaa Mustafa SEWAFY   Egypt 
1078 2005  Method For Extraction & Determination Of Ochratoxin A (Ota)  Hussam Ahmed Moneir EL-GAYAR  Egypt 
1082 2005  Noisy Micro-Organisms Sperms & Cells  Ibrahim KHALIL  Egypt 
1085 2005  New I.C. Engine   Islam Ahmed HANI   Egypt 
1092 2005  'Al-Raheef' A Natural Concentrated Soft Drink  Ibrahim Mustafa ALALIM  Saudi Arabia 
1102 2005  'T1' Self Waving Flags   Mohammad karim ABDUL RAHIM   Saudi Arabia 
1116 2005  Aladdin Waterfall   Alaa Aldeen MOHAMMAD   Qatar 
1163 2006  Dietetic Food Preparation With Therapeutic Virtues   Ms Ilham IBRAHIMI   Morocco 

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