Arabic and Islamic Inventions
Date Invention Place Notes
12,000 BC Domestication of Dog Mesopotamia for hunting and protection
9000 BC Fixed Settlements Mesopotamia in modern Iraq
9000 BC Use of Copper Mesopotamia  
8500 BC Domestication of Sheep, Goat Mesopotamia first use of milk
8500 BC Walled Town Middle East Jericho (modern Palestine)
8500 BC Wheat, Pea, Olive Cultivation Mesopotamia  
7000 BC The Yoke Mesopotamia power from animals
6500 BC Weaving Middle East modern Israel, Lebanon
6200 BC Funerary Objects Mesopotamia in Samarra (modern Iraq)
6000 BC Domestication of Donkey, Cat Egypt cats for pest control
6000 BC Fig Cultivation Egypt  
6000 BC Metal Smelting, Casting Middle East  
5400 BC Alcohol (Wine) Mesopotamia  
5300 BC Monumental Buildings Mesopotamia the first zigurats by the Eridu (modern Iraq)
5000 BC Scales, Balance Egypt  
4500 BC City States and Nations Egypt Egypt is the oldest continuously existing nation
4500 BC Metalwork Egypt or Iron
4000 BC The Calendar Egypt  
4000 BC Arithmatic Mesopotamia by the Sumerians
4000 BC Cosmetics, Fragrances Egypt  
4000 BC Ox Drawn Plough Mesopotamia improved agriculture
3500 BC Toothbrush Babylonia and by Propeht Muhammad "Miswak" 1400 years ago
3500 BC Sail Powered Boats Egypt used for transport on the Nile
3500 BC The Wheel Sumeria in modern Iraq
3500 BC Water Clock Sumeria in modern Iraq
3500 BC Woodworking Egypt  
3300 BC Use of Seals Sumeria cylinder seals used on clay
3300 BC Writing Sumeria pictographs
3200 BC Earth and Stone Dams Middle East in present day Jordan
3000 BC Brick Buildings Sumeria  
3000 BC Candles Egypt  
3000 BC Glass Middle East in modern Syria, Lebanon
3000 BC Oil Palm, Yam Cultivation Egypt  
3000 BC Potters Wheel Mesopotamia  
3000 BC Reed Boats Mesopotamia  
3000 BC Standard Weights Egypt  
3000 BC Sundial (Simple Gnomon) Egypt a gnomon is an vertical stick
3000 BC Use of Bronze Mesopotamia used in armour
2900 BC City Structure Sumeria administrative and residential sections in Uruk (modern Iraq)
2900 BC Pyramid Buildings Egypt  
2800 BC Sickle Sumeria for harvesting grain
2800 BC Soap Mesopotamia  
2601 BC Will Egypt by Nik'ure, a pharaoh's son wealth left to wife, children and mistress
2600 BC Mummification Egypt to preserve dead bodies
2500 BC Dikes Mesopotamia for water control
2500 BC Domestication of Camel Middle East Drumadary camel in Arabian Peninsula
2500 BC First Libraries Mesopotamia the storage and propagation of knowledge
2500 BC Ink Egypt  
2500 BC Papyrus Egypt for writing
2500 BC Schools Sumeria  
2400 BC Postal Service Egypt again by the Ummayad Caliphs
2400 BC First Judicial Code Mesopotamia by Uru Kagina, King of Lagash
2400 BC Irrigation, Canals Sumeria increase in food production, transport
2400 BC Umbrella, Parasol Mesopotamia originally to keep off the sun
2340 BC Empire Building Mesopotamia Sargon of Akkad, the first empire builder maintained the first standing army
2300 BC Map Making Mesopotamia  
2100 BC Alcohol (Beer) Sumeria  
2000 BC Medical Prescriptions Sumeria recorded on stone tablets
2000 BC Obelisk Egypt in Heliopolis (near modern Cairo)
2000 BC Underwater Tunnel Babylonia under River Euphrates (modern day Iraq) connecting king's palace with temple
2000 BC Wooden Locks Egypt  
1850 BC Contraceptives Egypt  
1800 BC Positional Notation Babylonia based on 60s improved the writing of numbers
1750 BC Formal Medicine Babylonia formalisation of its study and practice
1700 BC The Alphabet Phoenicia in Ugarit (present day Syria) simplified learning to write
1500 BC Kiln Fired Bricks Mesopotamia for stronger buildings
1500 BC Shoes Egypt left and right feet different
1500 BC The Oar Phoenicia may have been used in China c2700BC
1500 BC Water Tap Egypt  
1400 BC Brush Egypt using hogs hair, later horse hair
1400 BC Chariot Egypt introduced by the invading Hyksos (nomadic Asians)
1300 BC Fertility Tests Egypt  
1200 BC Metal Swords Egypt  
1200 BC Ships With Keels Phoenicia  
1200 BC Stellar Navigation Phoenicia using the pole star
1150 BC Topographic Maps Egypt  
900 BC Use of Cavalry Mesopotamia by the Assyrians
700 BC Aquaduct Mesopotamia Nineveh (Assyria), Jerusalem (Judiah)
700 BC Galley Warships Phoenicia multiple level oars
600 BC Lighthouse Egypt a bonfire on a tower
400 BC Mirror Phoenicia from Sidon (modern Lebanon)
323 BC Museum Egypt in Alexandria
300 BC Steam Power Egypt used for toys by Hero
250 BC Piston Egypt by Ctesibius
100 BC Glass Blowing Syria hollow glass vessels
30 BC Domes Mesopotamia  
30 BC Surgical Instruments Mesopotamia  
150 Modern Numbers and Zero Mesopotamia  
275 Algebra Babylonia  
300 Gas Street Lighting Syria in Caesarea (modern Israel)
300 Oil Street Lighting Syria in Antioch (modern Turkey)
400 Astrolabe Egypt for measurement of time and star positions in Alexandria
400 Hydrometer Egypt made of brass for weather prediction by Hypatia in Alexandria
630 Pigeon Mail Arabia  
640 Electric Battery Mesopotamia  
751 Paper Mill Baghdad paper was first invented by China 105
800 Distillation Arabia by Jabir ibn Hayyan
810 Tin Glazed Pottery Arabia opaque
825 Modern Arithmatic and Algebra Arabia by al-Khwarizmi
900 Plaster Arabia for pottery molds and setting broken bones
953 Fountain Pen Egypt reinvented in 1884 by Lewis Waterman (USA)
970 Hospital Arabia with nurses, doctors and pharmacists  in Baghdad (modern Iraq)
1000 Coffee Yemen From Ethiopia
1000 Ambulance Arabia horse-drawn in Palestine by Crusaders re-invented by Dominique-Jean Larrey (France, 1792)
1000 Bars of Soft Soap Arabia made from olive oil and wood ash
1000 Cheque Arabia in modern Iraq
1000 Gold Leaf Thread Mediterranean in Cyprus
1020 Parabolic Mirror Arabia from polished silver and iron by Ibn al-Haytham
1025 Sugar Extraction Arabia from sugar cane by the Seljuk Persians
1050 Mechanical Calendar Arabia  
1100 Seven Colour Printing Arabia  
1128 Smoke Grenades Arabia  
1206 Crank-shaft Arabia by al-Jazari - converts rotary to linear motion
1304 Cannons, Guns Arabia  
1320 Artificial Insemination Arabia for animal breeding, especially horses
1400 Playing Cards Egypt  

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Mesopotamia Iraq  
Babylonia Iraq  
Sumeria Iraq  
Phoenicia Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine