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“Children are half of today and all of tomorrow” – Arab saying


The CAFA Playschool was established in 1996, in cooperation with Sahar Chehimi.  The original mandate was geared towards promoting the Arab culture and language to three to five year old children.  That directive was changed within one year to include a number of important areas of family wellness. 

Currently, and funded in part by FCSS, this government licensed program assists up to 44 - three to five year old children per session.  It is primarily geared to assisting children in the successful integration into the school system.  This is done through a number of leaning- through-fun programs that teach the English language, the heritage Arabic language as well as, classroom edict, nutrition etc.   

This program also assists families in gaining the tools in order to make positive life decisions by introducing them to the services available to families: CAFA Family and Early Childhood Development Program is

A Government regulated agency

Teachers are qualified and must meet the required standards put in place by the Alberta Nursery School Act including a minimum of Level One, Early Childhood Development.

All teachers are trained in standard and infant CPR.
The Centre is a member of the Edmonton Preschool Association.

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