Report Racism




CAFA spearheads campaigns to fight the negative stereotyping of Arabs and works to end systemic discrimination and racism. This is achieved by providing support, information and advice to members of the Canadian-Arab community. CAFA monitors the media, government legislation and by-laws for anti-Arab discrimination. CAFA also provides speakers for events, offers anti-racism material to schools and the media and issues action alerts in response to racism against Arabs.

How to Report

Police Emergency: 911
Police - Non- Emergency: 780-423-4567

Police Switchboard: 421-3333

Police - Hate bias crime unit:
Canadian Arab Friendship Association: 780-473-7214
Canadian Islamic Centre: 780-451-6694
Alberta Human Rights Commissions: 780-427-7661


The Edmonton Police Hate Crime Unit:
The Hate Crime Unit is part of Intelligence Services and was established in 2002 to provide support to front line officers and investigative units throughout the city. The Unit monitors hate motivated crime for the purpose of aiding and identifying crimes and criminals and to assist with sentencing at the end of the judicial process. Police Officers of the Hate Crime Unit can be reached through Intelligence Services at 780-423-4567.

Alberta Human Rights Code

The human rights code protects your right to work, do business, obtain accommodation, receive services and go to school in an environment free from racial discrimination and harassment. The Alberta Human Rights Commission is responsible for protecting these rights on such grounds as race, ancestry, origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age and disability. CAFA can assist with reporting racism to the police, monitoring cases reported to the police, referrals to legal and medical services, providing support, and offering educational seminars on legal rights and procedures.

How Hate and Racism can be expressed

1. Words
2. Physical Violence
3. Literature
4. Internet
5. Posters and Pamphlets
6. Harassment
7. Property Damage

You can report a hate crime by:

Telephone: 780-423-4567