Make a Donation



There are several ways to donate or to become a friend of CAFA:

Donate to a Special Project

Throughout any given year, CAFA runs several special projects, such as Arab Heritage Day. Through the Special Project fundraising program, CAFA supporters can select the area that their funds will assist.

Donate Resources

CAFA has been developing an Arabic and English community resource library. Donations of books, videos or other resources are welcome additions to the growing body of information on Arabs and Canadian-Arabs.

General Donation

CAFA needs your support to continue to advocate on behalf of all Canadian-Arabs. A general donation allows CAFA to expand its scope and to promote the interests of Canadian-Arabs on a broader level.

$10 / Month

CAFA is pleased to announce a special initiative encouraging every Canadian-Arab to donate $10 a month to CAFA. This monthly payment helps us to better defend and pursue the rights of all Canadian-Arabs through legal challenges, governmental relations, media campaigns and capacity building.

To make a one-time donation to CAFA, please call at 780-473-7214.
To make regular monthly donations to CAFA, please call at 780-473-7214.