How to Choose a Campaign to Get Involved In




You may be faced with a number of campaigns that are worth your time and involvement, as well as your club’s time and involvement. You cannot allow yourself to become swallowed up by the demands of too many candidates – you simply have to recognize the limits of your own and your club’s energy, resources, and experience. You will have to make decisions with, with regard to both local and national contests, that allow you to best meet your needs.

The basic rule is to focus on those races that promise to do the most good. And you must wisely establish realistic expectations and goals.

Here are some useful guidelines and questions for your and your club to ask about whether or not, and when and when not to, become involved:

What resources do you have available to you at this time?
Does investment in this particular race help you build local power and concretely
improve your role in the process?
Is this the race which will enable you to use your resources in a manner that will make a difference?
Does this race enable you to broaden the policy debate?
Does this race fit your long-term goals of political participation and empowerment?

In other words, is this a race that uses you, or is it a race that you can use to your best advantage?

And when you ask the questions listed above, remember that there are degrees of involvement.

You may want to select one campaign for maximum use of your resources, while opting to become involved in others that allow a low energy/high visibility means of involvement.