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Canadian Arab Friendship Association

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The Canadian Arab Friendship Association (CAFA) is committed by loyalty and devotion to the Arab philosophy and assisting the Canadian Arabs in playing key roles in the successful integration into Canadian society; while promoting awareness between Arabs and non-Arabs.



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 Brief History

Established in 1965 with a cultural mandate.

Participated in civic and cultural activities.

Founding member of the Edmonton Heritage Festival, the largest multicultural festival in the world.

In 1986 CAFA made its home in the Capital Center, located in North East Edmonton.

Since its inception, CAFA members have served on a nember of art, cultural and civic boards as a representative of the Canadian Arab community.


Good news from CAFA Playschool

Now accepting 2 1/2 to 5 years old children
We are also offering Aid and Services
from Community Options for children with special needs




#18, Dickinsfield Mall
9228 - 144 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5E 6A9
Phone: 780-473-7214 Fax: 780-475-1039
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Good News from CAFA Playschool